A mountain journey

  1. His motivation for being in the woods was to get fur and do his job ( He was a trapper ).
  2. The reader knows the protagonist is in serious trouble when dave falls into the ice and doesn’t warm up his soggy wet clothes.
  3. He could have warmed up his wet clothes, he could have slept/rested, and he could have started a fire
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  5. The plot of the story was that dave was hiking a mountain 2 weeks before he should have been and that he should have waited the 2 weeks to go with someone.
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  1. Eternal – lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.
  2. Immobility – inability to move or be moved.
  3. Opaque – Not able to see through
  4. Reverberation – prolongation of a sound
  5. Momentum – the impetus gained by a moving object.\
  6. Cadaverous – resembling a corpse in being very pale, thin, or bony.
  7. Congregated – gather into a crowd or mass.
  8. Inundations – an overwhelming abundance of people or things.
  9. Beggared – Reduce
  10. Filched – pilfer or steal (something, especially a thing of small value) in a casual way.

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