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Caffeine Mythbusters

The myth I’m debunking is number 6; Caffeine can harm a developing fetus


Caffeine reaches your baby through the placenta. Too much caffeine can make your baby’s heart rate jump in a way that the fetus can’t handle yet as they can’t fully metabolize it. But cutting out caffeine entirely when pregnant is unnecessary as consuming less than 150mg a day is acceptable. Some sources say up to 200mg is fine while others say that 150mg should be the maximum daily intake. It completely varies from pregnancy to pregnancy and its best to contact your doctor, obstetrician, midwife, and/or gynecologist to see what’s best for each individual situation. If you have more than your recommended daily intake, your pregnancy can lead to a low birth weight and the baby may experience higher health risks when they get older. Too much caffeine while pregnant is also known to increase your chances of a miscarriage. It’s also important to remember that caffeine can change the baby’s behaviour, including sleeping patterns, and normal movement.  So, although small amounts of caffeine won’t hurt a fetus during the average pregnancy, it completely depends on the individual and their conditions, so it’s hard to say if this is a myth or a fact in a personal consensus. But in a general consensus, caffeine will not harm a developing fetus.