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Blackout Poetry

Myra Qualitz’s poem ‘Love Eyes’ was inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream written by Shakespeare. The poem was from a page of Katheryn Stockett’s book The Help on page 285. The poem is a metaphor about how you can’t explain love. You can compare it to many things – but describing what purely love is, is impossible. When in love, you feel comfort and protection, described in Myra’s poem by the line that reads “with eyes that carry me”. When she compares love to “growing taller and seeing color” it represents how you can feel so small in this black and white world that seems so big at first, until you fall in love and find purpose. Love is personified into a body and can be compared to eyes in this poem as the common phrase is true – eyes are the window to the soul.  

Love Eyes

By Myra Qualitz


Self Confidence – FEC caparison

bullying is still alive and well but with small acts like this we can help spread a positive message

This is Victoria, she runs a feminism account on Instagram. She mainly posts about body image and pictures of twitter discussions and drawings of having a positive mindset, but people could not get over her personal appearance, she decided to instead of taking the harassment any longer, to instead take a stand. People were hating on her so hard even though it doesn’t affect them in the slightest. In this picture, she posted you can see that she is smiling through all the hate because she realized that other people don’t determine your personal happiness. She is human, she is beautiful. People hide behind a screen and pick on people because they don’t think there will be any consequences. And the truth is, there won’t be any, but is it worth it? Is it worth your time to think and type out something negative and hurt someone just so you feel better? I think this picture relates to ‘The Friday Everything Changed’ because even though this story is in a modern setting and with technology, bullying is still alive and well. By posting this picture Victoria may have received more hate or criticism, but if posting this and showing people self-love helped even one person, it made a positive impact. This can be compared to the part of the quote when it reads “small acts of kindness and love” because it’s all about loving yourself and being confident.