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Top 3 Artists to Follow on Instagram Right Now!

            Hi, my name is Myra and I’m writing this blog about art with a dash of feminism. I’ve always been passionate about these topics and chose it as my blog topic to hopefully inspire others to learn about art and/or feminism in a digestible and hopefully fun way! I’m a grade 12 student who is trying to navigate life and prepare for the next chapter after graduation and feminism has always helped me grow stronger, with art also empowering me through colours, lines and quotes to help me keep going. I love when the 2 topics intertwine because it helps people learn and get educated through a simple way that stays with someone more than an essay or article would.

Florence given @FlorenceGiven

Activist and artist

Givens’ art has major feminist roots, empowering anyone that comes across her bold, colourful, and unapologetically outspoken art. She currently has half a million followers but won’t be stopping there. Her art typically includes powerful women of different styles and ethnicity’s paired with big 70’s hair and lettering, writing out mantras that women should repeat to themselves daily such as “Stop raising him, he’s not your son” and “Life is too short not to love the s*** out of yourself”. She is also an author of the book ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’. At just 21 years old, she is the youngest author to hold a top 5 spot in the Sunday Times for 12 weeks in a row! She was also Cosmopolitans influencer of the year in 2019, and for good reason!

Beverly Salas @BeverlySalas


            With over 121 thousand followers, Salas shares her drawings and videos of her mystical and enchanting creations over Instagram. Her style is very colourful, and she works with markers along with watercolour, giving her work a flowy, satisfying feel. Her pieces usually consist of eyes, flowers, and lots of line work patterns. A lot of her art shows a theme of self-growth and discovery with quotes like “all for progress not perfection” and “may the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary”. She currently sells stickers, prints, and custom paints shoes too! She recently released a line of blankets and sold out in 5 minutes! I’ve followed this artist since 2016 and have enjoyed growing up seeing her art grow with me. I’ll definitely be first in line for the blanket restock!


Adam Hillman @Witnery

Self-proclaimed object arranger

           Hillman has a unique viewpoint on regular objects that people would usually never see as art, but he can entrance anyone by his perfectly placed creations. Witnery uses everyday objects like paper clips, fruit, pins, pencils, and even q-tips in his art! He takes these things that you normally wouldn’t think twice about when using, and places them in incredibly detailed and intricate positions to snap the perfect picture. It often looks like his pieces have many edited layers to them, but it’s all taken at once and the detail is just that precise! I admire his art because it’s not the common illustration I’m usually drawn (get it?) to. His style is unique and enticing to anyone that comes across it.

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