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Portfolio – Photo 12

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In my photography I try to capture imperfections that add to the emotions of the image. I don’t think art or photography is about perfection at all, improvement definitely, but your ultimate goal should never be perfection, or else you’ll just be striving for the unattainable forever and never be satisfied with your progress. I think art and photography is about capturing what you want to see in everyday life but never will. It’s about creating your own world and stories within a photo, even if you’re the only one that likes the story, it’s yours.



I found my high/low lighting portraits to be the most successful because I’m proud of everything from the concept, to the posing, to the lighting of them. I had fun with the shoot and learned a lot more about getting very specific lighting and using the studio lights and backgrounds differently to achieve the look I wanted for the shots. If I had time to redo a project I would redo the abstract one because I like my imagine and the meaning behind it but I would work harder to make it even more abstract, so there’s no immediate object/word association to it.