Grade 9

Chili cookoff refclection

My groups chili was called the “Flatlander chili”. It’s taste had a combination of spice and sweetness at the same time. We halfed the recipe to make it a dish for 5 servings instead of 10. We followed the recipe as it showed but we didn’t love the taste so we added 25ml of brown sugar to even out the bitterness and it tasted very good. It was more on the spicy side rather than sweet but it wasn’t overly spicy as if it would burn your mouth. It had a great flavour to it rather than just being spicy, it had both. You could taste the flavour when you took a bite then the after taste had a bit of a kick to it. We didn’t have any problems and everything went smoothley as planned, we ended up coming first place.

Bullying, Spoken word


Noodle, rice are home lab foods 10


March/April reflection foods 10

1. I chose to do a reflection on this lab because i don’t have the pictures of the other lab options, but i also felt like i would have the most to say on it

2. I didn’t really like this lab because Mr. Brett talked about projectile vomit before we got to make it and eat it and it just grossed me out and changed the taste and level of enjoyment… Also i didn’t really like the pudding, it was to thick and it just seemed like a weird version of fondue. Id rather just dip fruit in melted chocolate

3. I didn’t really know how the lab would turn out because your dipping fruit in home made chocolate pudding and i’ve never made pudding before, but the consistency of the pudding was accurate

4.  Our group mostly worked together well but one group member didn’t really help with the cooking process but did do their job during clean up. During the cooking process there was a miss communication of what element to put the sauce pan on and we ended up accidentally attempting to cook on element that wasn’t on.

5. I don’t think i would do this lab again but if i were to i would have more options for fruit? And not as thick of a chocolate dip, even though it is pudding id prefer something lighter in thickness



Salad Rolls

1.  Yes i enjoyed this lab, i found it fun because i got to experience making something i wouldnt usually make

2. I would maybe add green beans to the recipe, green beans are low in calories and contain no saturated fat, they are an excellent source of vitimans, minerals, and plant derived micronutrients

3.  Deep frying foods increases your calorie intake, the more food you try to deep fry at once decreases the temperature of the oil, which decreases the amount of time in takes to cook your food, leaving a longer amount of time that you food can absorb fat in the cooking process. The high amount of fat and calorie intake in your food increases an obesity risk, stroke risk, diabetes risk, and cancer risk

Egg take home lab Foods10

I chose to cook the “creamy baked eggs” wich was a new recipe that i had never heard of or cooked before. The outcome of the dish was not as good as i had hoped to be by the name of it, it ended up being overly rich in flavour and texture wich my family and i did not typically enjoy. I also ended up cooking the eggs 5 extra minutes because when i checked at the 20 minute mark, the whites were not completely cooked and were still somewhat liquid. I accidentally forgot to take a picture of the mise-en plus but i have several photos of the preparation and the clean up.

February lab reflection

graphic novel project-the secluded lot

Scratch movie

instructions: click the green flag, then press the space bar to play the scene!

I learned how to use broadcasts to make certain things happen on their own

I got confused and disorganized a few times when I had to go back and fix things in the middle of the scene

figuring out how to put together all of the broadcasting was challenging

I chose this movie because I absolutely loved it as a kid and I would still watch it even now every now and then


Information Technology 10 scratch game

while creating my scratch game, I learned how to create a game through codes and scripts, I also learned that while doing this it was definitely not easy and you need to know what and where everything is and how every script you change affects your game entirely

challenges I faced, I had to create a copy of my game and basically redo the coding because I messed up, also my coding didn’t seem to work at times and I couldn’t figure out why and how to fix it

in my game you play as a car named Car-L and the goal is to drive Car-L to his parking spot, staying on the roads and avoiding the obstacles

I really enjoyed creating my game even though it was frustrating at times I was happy with the outcome.

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