As we were watching this movie, on a personal level, I thought it was sad how little some people in our world have. It’s hard to think about how my life could be if I wasn’t so fortunate, my family having steady income brings nutritious food to our table everyday. I hadn’t realized that the chocolate chip muffins or the 2 bags of halo oranges my mom runs out to buy on Sunday nights, before school starts, were such a fortunate thing for me to have. Before watching this movie, I had somewhat of an idea of what food insecurity was, I knew that it had to do with not always having enough food or the right foods, but I also thought that it had to do with personal heath; people worrying if they should have a slice of pie for dessert or an apple, examples such as this. I learned that food insecurity is more directed to when a person does not have reliable access to enough food, specifically nutritious food, whether that is because they are financially unstable or they do not have access to proper grocery stores. I was  very surprised when I learned that most of the schools spend less than a dollar on lunches for each student, this small amount of money isn’t enough to provide their students with nutritious foods. There was a teacher that brings in fruits and veggies to class to teach her students about nutrition, she gave each student samples of a melon and told them that this is what they should ask their parents to buy for them. It’s important that we are knowledgeable about the food we eat so I think that is was really great that she did that for her students. 

If I was in a position where I could influence this issue at hand, I would try make sure that we are seeing nutrition as a priority, especially for children who are still growing. Spending less than a dollar per meal is not enough money to buy nutritious foods and this issue needs to be better seen. The students are not eating healthy at the place where they spend most of their time and where they feed off of education, so how could they possibly improve these habits at home? Educating the students is also very important, especially if you start from the young age, they will be more likely to take into consideration of what they eat when they are older, and can continue teaching their children about nutrition and so on. We can help aid those who are hungry by doing something as simple as having everyone contribute a little bit of money to food stamps or other organizations, whether this is voluntarily or through maybe a type of tax? As a country, we should be able to support the hungry and it should be recognized that it is not necessarily their fault that they have gotten into this situation where they cannot afford food.