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This is a photo of a Chinese restaurant located just here in Coquitlam. I chose to use this as an example on how immigrants, in this case Chinese immigrants, are able to “maintain their culture” after immigration. throughout Canada, there is a huge variety of different cultured restaurants to choose from. Now this specific restaurant may not be one that is said to “maintain culture” because being in Canada, food is bound to be cooked a little bit differently and may not follow all traditions of the culture but in my opinion, I think that this shows how Canada is a multicultural country, willing to accept and recognizes all races, in the means I think that coming to Canada as an immigrant from wherever, you would be able to eat out and not just be limited to home cooked meals or other forms of food makings. by this I think that having these different varieties of restaurants helps to encourage immigrants to keep their culture.


Toronto Muslim girl 'scared' after attacker cuts hijab

I was inspired to search for a story of this sort based off of a book I read in English class. the book is called Persepolis and it is a true story experienced by the author, explaining about her life as an Iranian girl whom was very religious. The story took place from her starting at age 6 and finished with her as 15. throughout the story, as she’s growing up she goes through a lot of terrible things all because of her religion, there are attacks on her and her family, her school gets stricter about her religion and she is forced to dress “over appropriate,” in the means of all of this, she basically had to grow up as no child should, just because of her religion. So this story that I found is about a 6th grade Islamic girl living in Toronto that was assaulted by a man whom has began cutting her hijab as she walked to school. The poor girl was frightened and began to scream, forcing the man to leave but sooner or later, unfortunately he returned and continued to cut. I know that Canada is said to be welcoming to all races but I think that saying all of Canada has those characteristics is a bit of an over statement. I believe that this article proves that not all people are this “kind hearted soul” willing to welcome everybody and support equality which shows an example of something that discourages immigrations to maintain their culture.


based off of these two sources I still do believe that Canada is a multicultural country in the sense of Canada as a whole. however this doesn’t mean that every single Canadian follows these assumptions but I dont think that takes away the aspect of the term multicultural. mainly because we are talking about a country and the pieces that put it all together, not just some people that are against this topic. Canada has many attributes that fit different races and provides equality to all despite race or religion so for this reason, yes I do think that Canada is to be considered a multicultural country.