this week in math 10 we started our unit on trigonometry. I learned how to use my calculator to calculate the side lengths of triangles using sine, cosine and tangent. I also learned that you can also calculate the angles ex if sinB= 12/30, where B is the angle, to find the angle you put sin^{-1}12/30 and get 23.57812….rounded to the nearest whole number = 24 degrees. I also learned how that works, so we have sinB=o.4 and we have to isolate B so we divide each side by sin sinB/sin=0.4/sin^1 which equals b=0.4/sin^1 . now we have to move sin^1 to the top of the fraction so it becomes B=sin^{-1}0.4 because the exponent of 1 now becomes negative.  then you punch sin^{-1}0.4 into a calculator to find B

would look something like this: