this week in math 10 I learned about scientific notation, it is basically how you can turn a large number ex. 34500000000.00 into a simple expression that is easy to work with. we have a*10^n “a” needs to be greater than 1 and less than 10. “n” just represents the unknown exponent. so to find “a” we need to move the decimal from 34500000000.00 so the number follows the rules of “a”. it becomes 3.45 because 3.45 is greater than 1 and less than 10. now the decimal “n” becomes the number of times we moved the decimal over so n=10 and the expression becomes 3.45*10^{10} now if the number were to be 0.000000345 same rules apply only the exponent will be negative because you are moving the decimal to the right this time the expression would be 3.45*10^7