statistics play a large role in our society, the role of statistics is used in many ways and can affect the way we make decisions. It is a way of having a source of knowledge on whether we could do one thing or another. For example if you were to move to a city, the crime rates and average house costs would help your decision. Statistics can also be used in something as simple as at McDonalds, whether the company is going to keep a certain meal based on the averages of costumer likes and dislikes on the product. Statistics are a way of simplifying knowledge on the topic so that the information and facts can be read easier.

After reading this article i have learned more about the importance of the role of statistics in our society such as in general information or more in depth topics. Statistics are invloved in most of the things that take apart in our decisions in our everyday life. Whatever buisnesses, textbooks, people and especially the internet tell you, it’s all based on statistcs. However statistics cannot always be 100% reliable and can be made up easily. There can be bad sampeling, misleading statistics or even unfair poll questions that can be minipulated by the asker in order to get the answer they are looking for. Therefore statistics are not always reliable and we should not let them fully take over our decisions, we should take some time to analyze everythng ourselves so we can have a better understanding and see if what other people are saying actually makes sense.