This project is the “Blender toy” animation project, I created a wooden plane as my toy, then a simple scenery. A runway with a building as the airport, then some mountains in the back. for this animation I had hoped to make the plane fly then crash but I couldn’t get the computer to cooperate with the crashing part and couldn’t get it to work. so the plane flew, bobbled a bit then just flew down into the building.

I learned how to resize, rotate, scale and move objects to make different shapes, how to add texture and colour to those objects, and how to create a bit of mountain in the background so it wasn’t just plain flat. I also learned to use animation to move blocks to a certain point.

I am proud that I was able to use blender to a certain point because when I first looked at it, I had no idea how anything worked and I didn’t think I would be able to somewhat complete this project