1. I chose to do a reflection on this lab because i don’t have the pictures of the other lab options, but i also felt like i would have the most to say on it

2. I didn’t really like this lab because Mr. Brett talked about projectile vomit before we got to make it and eat it and it just grossed me out and changed the taste and level of enjoyment… Also i didn’t really like the pudding, it was to thick and it just seemed like a weird version of fondue. Id rather just dip fruit in melted chocolate

3. I didn’t really know how the lab would turn out because your dipping fruit in home made chocolate pudding and i’ve never made pudding before, but the consistency of the pudding was accurate

4.  Our group mostly worked together well but one group member didn’t really help with the cooking process but did do their job during clean up. During the cooking process there was a miss communication of what element to put the sauce pan on and we ended up accidentally attempting to cook on element that wasn’t on.

5. I don’t think i would do this lab again but if i were to i would have more options for fruit? And not as thick of a chocolate dip, even though it is pudding id prefer something lighter in thickness