Month: April 2017

Salad Rolls

1.  Yes i enjoyed this lab, i found it fun because i got to experience making something i wouldnt usually make

2. I would maybe add green beans to the recipe, green beans are low in calories and contain no saturated fat, they are an excellent source of vitimans, minerals, and plant derived micronutrients

3.  Deep frying foods increases your calorie intake, the more food you try to deep fry at once decreases the temperature of the oil, which decreases the amount of time in takes to cook your food, leaving a longer amount of time that you food can absorb fat in the cooking process. The high amount of fat and calorie intake in your food increases an obesity risk, stroke risk, diabetes risk, and cancer risk

Egg take home lab Foods10

I chose to cook the “creamy baked eggs” wich was a new recipe that i had never heard of or cooked before. The outcome of the dish was not as good as i had hoped to be by the name of it, it ended up being overly rich in flavour and texture wich my family and i did not typically enjoy. I also ended up cooking the eggs 5 extra minutes because when i checked at the 20 minute mark, the whites were not completely cooked and were still somewhat liquid. I accidentally forgot to take a picture of the mise-en plus but i have several photos of the preparation and the clean up.

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