Propaganda Poster



Molly Schmidt
October 29th, 2015
English 9

Propaganda Poster Description

In this poster one would notice, that there are four types of propaganda. The four types of propaganda located in the poster are, fear, bandwagon, repetition, and glittering generalities. For fear, the pig “Major” is standing on a bail of hay, with a shadow of a pig devil. This is used, as the propaganda fear, because it is showing that Major isn’t doing any good for there future. He actually wants them to think what there’re doing is good, but actually is dangerous and bad, and a way to get back at the humans. Major singing the song “Beasts of England” represents bandwagon. This is bandwagon because it is sending a message to all the animals, about how they should be set free. The animals agreed to this because, the song had a big affect towards all of them. Repetition is shown by the repeating of the song lyrics sung by Major. In the song it repeats the lyrics of “beasts of England, beasts of Ireland”. And lastly glittering generalities is represented by the words at the bottom saying “two legs bad, four legs good”. This creates that type of propaganda because it is a slogan, that makes one thing sound bad, and another thing good. Hopefully one would enjoy, and understand this poster.

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