Pursuit of Happiness Reflection

When I see the movies, the movies name is call The Pursuit of Happyness. I feel this movies makes me surprised, and this movies makes me know what is successful and what is lose. This movies teach me how to successful and how I can get successful and this movies telling me I need cherish life and cherish time, because life is not a long time cherish the time together. And this movies telling me Never give up!!! and you will be successful, but if you give up or lazy then you won’t get a good result and you will lose forever. It doesn’t matter how hard life is it you still need work hard and make a better life. If you working hard and never give up and don’t lazy, then you will make a good life. Working hard and never give up then you will be successful. If I’m not working hard I will fall my grands and I will get fire in school, so will not lazy I will working hard and never give up!!! So that’s what I telling myself ┬áin life and school and home, sometime I will telling my friend and my family. Never give up!!!