Food 12 Safety Tips (18 steps)

Using baking soda to put out a grease fire

1. Fire (i.e. what to do if one happens)

    1. Don’t wear loose and baggy clothes when working with open flame.
    2. Clean up spills and other chemicals before, during, and after using the tools.

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2. Burns/Scalds (i.e. how to treat)

    1. Run the burnt area under running water for 15 minutes or more.
    2. Keep the area open to air.

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3. Chemicals

    1. Keep all containers closed and tight lids.
    2. Don’t use the same tools for different chemical containers.

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4. Slips/Trips/Falls (i.e. how to prevent)

    1. Keep the floor dry at all time.
    2. Proper non-slip footwear.

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5. Cuts (i.e. how to prevent/how to treat)

    1. Sharpen the knives so that it’s sharp and make cutting easy enough so there is not fighting with the knife.
    2. Keep the cutting counter area clean at all time.

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6. Heavy Lifting (i.e. of a bag of flour)

    1. Proper lifting position – from the legs and straight back instead of bending at the back.
    2. Do not lift things too heavy and ask for help if the object is too big.

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7. How to Prevent Food Poisoning

    1. Do not leave food in open air without concealment and out of fridge and freezer.
    2. Use clean tools, and wash hands before eating the food.


8. Waste Management

    1. Clean the containers before throwing things away.
    2. Make sure the organic waste is frozen or thrown away.

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9. Personal Hygiene

    1. Wash hands entering the kitchen and before leaving the kitchen.
    2. Tie up long hair and loose clothings.