-Le seau Misérables-

Question #1: What did you learn about collaborating with others in a group? How can you apply for these lessons next year and beyond?

I learnt that collaboration is a very important step to doing teamwork whether that be in school or outside. It is important that the people in the group do the task given to them in hopes of making everyone feel as though everyone in the group contributed well. I also think that communication is key to having a successful group and product considering we are supposed to be working together and not just listening to one person’s idea. Speaking of which, I have learnt that it is always important to share your ideas with the group and not only go off what you think is a good idea. I think it is very important to let everyone have their own creativity in a group and pitch in their ideas instead of having one person being selfish. I am glad that my group let others pitch in their ideas and not be selfish. I can apply these lessons to future team projects so that I can succeed in more things instead of working on the project frustrated the whole time. I am glad to have had this experience.

Question #2:How did your game change over the course of the project? (Think of Austin’s butterfly as an example). Describe how you generated, tested, and applied new ideas in the creation of your game.

Our game changed a lot; from the design to the rules, it changed a lot. I find that the things that changed a lot were the cards that we decided to add to the game. I think it was a fun idea to add those cards and it was a smart idea to build off from what we started with. I like the fact that a lot of the final product ideas came from other old existing ideas; it was cool to see the change. Another thing that changed when we finally presented was the ways in which we would organize the board to make it seem more fun; we put money around the board to help the interaction stay longer. The draft was also quite different to the final product, in the start we had no idea we would have money added to the game but near the end, a lot of the game was surrounded heavily with money.

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