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My Drawing about the spheres and Carbon in the Heartlands (Ontario & Quebec) ->

Considering Natural Resources, Food production, Industry, Biodiversity, Human Health, Water and Transportation, seek out causes and effects of climate change on that area.¬† Include a paragraph on your good copy that mentions both causes of climate change and effects of climate change. –

Effects of warming climate-

Many things that are resulting from the heat can create more problems or build off of existing problems making them worse. In Heartland Ontario, the heat from the sun and the reflections from things below that reflect the suns sunlight, can cause forest fires ranging across Canada. Things that fall victim to this can be industries, the health of living things (biosphere), oceans and the moisture from things on earth. The heat can also dry up the land of many places, taking away the moisture from the lakes or sea. This dryness across the forests in the Heartland cause these forest fires as well and add to the flame. The fire grabs onto the dryness and not moisture because it can gain more from the dry. Moisture takes away the power faster. The smoke and fumes that come off of the fires (which start from the climate change), can also hurt the lungs of animals and humans, making it hard and dangerous to breath. This can also take away the healthy CO2 that helps the roots respirate or the plants to go through photosynthesis. Industries have also been dying because of the extreme heats; To get more detail on the industries  Click Here .

Causes of warming climate-

The climate and weather here in Canada has always been a mystery to me, but recently that has changed. The Heartland in Canada (Ontario and Quebec) have fallen victim to the heat problem across Canada. Heat can be caused by many things but the thing people think that causes to the heat comes directly from the sun. That is wrong because the heat actually is mainly caused because of human made things such as fossil fuel burning, this helps trap the heat in greenhouse gas levels throughout the earths atmosphere; from my research on the Nasa website. Nasa also mentions that it is normal to have these gases in our atmosphere but it is not normal to have this much; as you can feel or see, this makes the earth hot- global warming. They als0 mention that the fuels help the earth keep warm and live- this may help plants grow and live, same with animals and humans.







2 thoughts on “Climate in Canada – Heartlands (Ontario & Quebec)”

  1. Excellent drawing showing a great understanding of biotic/abiotic factors, the four spheres, and how carbon flows through it all. Your paragraphs show that you comprehend the possible causes and effects of climate change in your region. Great work citing your sources.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I tried very hard on the drawing considering it is the last assignment/project that our class was asked to do.

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