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Currently in my science class, we are learning about the  stages of mitosis and how mitosis forms. I personally wasn’t here to do this experiment and modeling the mitosis with the class so I will be using the pictures that the teacher provided. In this lab, the class was given materials to create the stages of mitosis.

  Materials (per group)

  • Four 12-inch pipe cleaners (2 of one colour and 2 of another)
  • Four 6-inch pipe cleaners (2 of one colour and 2 of another)
  • 48 beads
  • 3 large pieces of string (~ 1m)
  • 8 small pieces of string (~ 20cm)

Mitosis – What is it??

Mitosis, in short, is a process of asexual reproduction. This process is when one parents cell divides and replicates to make who daughter cells, the purpose of asexual reproduction is to create with only one mother (ex. plants, starfish). Mitosis’s purpose is to reproduce and replace cells.


Interphase is the very first step into creating mitosis. This stage is in fact the longest stage of this cycle; most of the cells life is spent here. In this stage, the cell collects the needed nutrients and grows.

Late Interphase- The DNA replicates and sister chromatids meet and  join by the centromere (the center of the chromosomes).

Early Prophase

In this stage, the spindle fibers form and the nucleolus disappears.

Late Prophase

During this step, the spindle fibers attach to the centromeres of the chromosomes.


In this stage, the chromosomes meet at the center of the cell and align on the equator.


During anaphase, the spindle fibers split the sister chromatids apart to oposite poles of the cell.


In this step, the spindle fibers disappear while the nuclear membrane forms around different sets of chromosomes.


Cytokinesis is the stage when it separates the nuclei into two daughter cells.

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  1. Great work including pictures, captions, and descriptions of the complete process of mitosis. Your post is very effective in explaining how mitosis works.

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