What I know well about the periodic table

Currently, I know that the periodic table is ordered by chemical properties and not only by the atomic number. I also found that I know a lot about certain elements considering a lot are used in daily life as well as the elements I learnt about during the “meet the elements” lab. I also found myself knowing more about Bohr models compared to before doing the partner lab about making Bohr models. Although I do think I need to work more on Bohr models, I know the basics about them. I know that it is a nucleolus with protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons and that the electrons are the number of protons. I could use this information to easily connect the element with the Bohr model but, I do need to work more on that; it will be mentioned in later questions on this blog. I know about more about periods after the Kahoot as well because one of the questions were “what is a period” and at first, I answered the vertical row but now I know that it is the Horizontal. Lastly, I find myself knowing more about the creation of the periodic table considering the long video we watched together as a class. I know the ways that the periodic table is used for as well as how Mendeleev started to order all the elements, leaving spaces for some that weren’t even discovered at the time.

What I still need to work on regarding the periodic table

After doing the Kahoot, I found that i needed to work more on learning about the periodic table. I need to work more learning the chemical properties of certain elements. I also need to work on making Bohr models and how to find them easily on the periodic table. I would like to learn more on how the elements are also ordered; Even though I do know why the elements are ordered by chemical properties as well as improving my knowledge about the differences of physical changes and chemical changes; for example, when a chemical starts to bubble  up and it makes a new chemical, that’s a chemical change. During the Kahoot, I found myself starting off strong, knowing a lot of basic knowledge about the periodic table but, when it came to answering the more challenging questions like “what is ductile” I found myself struggling more. I did answer that question correctly but I had to think more about it than other questions. To conclude, I wonder what the electrons do for the periodic table. I know the basic knowledge to electrons and that electrons are important so I find that it is important for me that I learn much more about them.

What I wonder about the periodic table

Things I wonder about the periodic table would be the following: if we were to re arrange the periodic table once more, how would we do so. I find that its interesting that the periodic table is arranged the way it is already but if we were to re arrange the table in a different order, how would we do so. Additionally, what is the difference between atoms and elements, I know that an element is a chemical whether solid, liquid or gas and that’s what makes up the periodic table and the atom is basically as google says “the basic unit of a chemical element.”. Although I do know about the periodic table grouped, periods and the columns that build up the table but I would like to learn more about the groups. I wonder why the groups are so important and why it is ordered the way it is. For example, why are some elements related to each other and next to each other while another group may be across the table. Another example would be Hydrogen. Even though, like mentioned in one of the videos that we watched in class, that the table can be connected from one side to another but, why is Hydrogen on one side and another. Additionally, why is the second atomic number elements all the way in the non metals while the third atomic number is on the left where the metals are; why not just make the atomic numbers go in order and be next to each other instead of making them separated? In closing, I would like to learn more about how Mendeleev decided that some chemicals are similar or needed to be placed separately.

What goals I will set to understand the periodic table better 

        Considering the endless amounts of opportunities I have as a grade 9 to learn more about the periodic table, I have many goals on what I want to understand about the table better. For instance, I feel that its important for me to better understand the patterns that go into the periodic table for example, how to order the elements without looking at the atomic number or even organizing Bohr models without knowing the original order and atomic number. I would also like to learn more about the chemical properties and the reasons to why they are ordered the way they are ordered. I find it fascinating that, like mentioned, they are ordered by chemical properties and how they work instead of just ordering them by atomic numbers. I also want to improve my understanding to different types of reactions that some chemicals may cause and whether its a physical change or chemical change. For example, when water is boiled; it would be a physical change even though it my look like a chemical change. Additionally, I want to make an attempt to learn more about the protons, neutrons and electrons that make up a Bohr model because at the moment, I am not the best at making Bohr models. I will set a goal to also learnt the differences in the periods and and the names of the columns. From the Kahoot, i learnt that a period goes horizontally but in the moment of answering the question, I wrote down that it went Horizontally; if this were a test, that would have not gone too well. Finally, I hope to set more goals about my knowledge remembering the elements symbols and also just to remember how to connect to Bohr model to the element easily and quickly.


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