In this assignment, we were asked express our feelings about a piece of artwork that was given to us; I chose to do this by using a poem. The piece of art called “Assimilation vs. Inclusivity” created by unknown artist, demonstrates the stages of emotion that indigenous kids went through facing racism and residential schools.

Stolen smiles

A stolen smile stripped from their face 

A mind feels things, they seem lost in space 

A culture they once knew bleeds out from within, it looks as though their trapped in a cell

Being judged by their skin, they’re told its a sin

The  sound of clashing thoughts; ringing in like a bell 


They hear everyday from inside and out 

Their language is absurd, their face filled with doubt

The costumes people wear for show on Halloween

The screams of their culture, they must feel unseen.


Hair, skin, muscles, bones, similarities turned into zones

Why have zones we must not cross, why not have connections, there isn’t a cost.



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