My black-out poem explores the short story created by Ray Bradbury, the Veldt. This poem represents the true consequences that technology has on society. I made this by using a printed copy of the page 256 of the book “The Red Rising” by Peirce Brown.

“Nothing.” A poem that was created to raise awareness to the future generations.

Megan Antosh’s poem “Nothing.” explores Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt on the separation our society has been going through because of lack of communication due to technology. Megan and her poem takes a deep dive into the connections between the short story “The Veldt” and the affects that technology has had on us for many years (and years to come). As shown in the duration of this poem, you can see the use of quotation marks; Megan used this to show the conflict between two people who had opinions of their own, slowly becoming separated. The sentence “My voice shuts up and flushed with anger” refers to the disconnection that us as a society have created towards people expressing their opinions towards certain topics. Megan has shown the connection between the mother (Lydia), and the confidence of society nowadays, this is easily shown when thinking about social media nowadays and the tug of war of emotions it has on us for instance the mindset of when you “follow the herd” of others opinions to not make a fool out of yourself. In the times Lydia was shown during The Veldt, the opinions she had  as a woman was limited due to the mindset that “men’s opinions were stronger” compared to theirs; The limited use of words unquestionably fits right in with this statement. Another reference in her poem was the use of the word sonder; During the Veldt, this was shown as a strong emotion; the parents and the kids showed this during the kid’s time spent in the nursery. While the kids were in the nursey, the parents had no clue on the abusive emotions the kids had towards them, the hatred, and the violent thoughts towards their own parents. When it comes to the use of the nursery, the outcome that the parents thought of, and the results were complete opposites. Nowadays you can just walk past a person on their device, not knowing what they have gone through, not knowing their mindset and not knowing the things they are using their technology for. Megan uses the expression “as narrow eyes” to further express the feeling that once you start using technology, you can’t come back. While reading the Veldt, I feel Megan noticed the re occurring theme in which the kids became heavily attached to their nursery and the reliability that the parents had towards technology. This statement was heavily backed-up, as the kids slowly turn into “monsters” from their overuse of technology. Lastly, the statement in which Megan portrayed her poem “You obviously don’t need me”, shows the separation between one person and another. As shown in this quote, many have now started to believe that we don’t need communication to better ameliorate our life’s; we now depend more on the internet and social media just like the kids depended more on the nursery than their own parents.

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