The assignment was to make an informative podcast to raise awareness about the residential schools that took place in Canada. I worked with Naina on learning the horrors of the St Anne’s residential school and those who were involved in this tragedy.

Our podcast:


In order to obtain our information, we used websites that were trustworthy like CBC, well known websites and even sometimes google. We made sure to double check our information to make sure we were telling the right information while addressing the horrors on this residential school. Other than websites, we also used the knowledge that we learnt from past years learning about residential schools and the impacts it had on these indigenous communities.

We struggled on smoothly talking while recording our podcast; after re-listening to the podcast, we noticed mistakes that we made with pronunciation, grammar and pronouns. While recording we used the blue snowball microphone that was provided by the school. While speaking into the microphone, our volume level went from loud, to quiet, to loud again while speaking; the next time we could avoid this by paying more attention maintaining a reasonable volume. Luckily, we were able to easily communicate with each other and who was doing what while maintaining a positive atmosphere. The communication between my Naina and I was very clear for example, who did what research, the editing and who’s de. After each recording, we made sure to re-listen to it to make sure we didn’t make any major mistakes and stutters. Although we had these struggles that were in the mix of our accomplishments, we were able to have end with a result we were satisfied with.



After learning about residential school for almost 6 years, I realized that more information was given about the schools as the years went on even though the residential schools had been closed. Researching about this topic, I learnt that many survivors who spoke up about their experience were either taken seriously or sometimes sadly not taken seriously. It is heartbreaking to think that those who received so much trauma that it even haunts them in adulthood and the kids who received the trauma passed on by the survivors, didn’t get taken seriously for many years. I’m glad that today, we are taking action and helping those who were affected. I hope that moving on, we as a society step up and be a better help to indigenous communities and those who were affected by this tragedy.









One thought on “Indigenous Explorations – St Anne’s Residential School”

  1. Thank you for posting your “Indigenous Exploration” audio project (podcast). As the assignment was completed for both English 9 and COL, I have the following feedback for you on the post:

    – All elements of the assignment’s post were exceptional and properly uploaded
    – I liked how you added visuals to this post to accompany the reflection
    – Very clear speaking voices by both of you
    – Flow of the recording was smooth and seemed well rehearsed
    – Reflection on blog explains process taken to complete the assignment
    – Audio quality is clear and delivery is well executed
    – Professional sounding podcast

    Overall, this assignment was extremely well done. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thank you!

    Mr. Barazzuol
    COL Teacher

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