My nighttime stroll

Specks of light peaks through the smoke-filled air as I walk alongside tall glowing buildings and the palm trees in the shape of umbrellas, towering over the street. The air was so thick and humid with the delicious smelling food mixing in with the faint taste smoke. The smell of cigarettes and gas took over the clear tropical air as it slowly crept down to my lungs, as if begging to be noticed. Glancing towards the sky, I can’t help but notice the glowing moon and the stars that take over the pitch-black sky spreading its light everywhere. The stars scattered in the sky, the shape of the sparkling rocks in the sky sends a shiver down my spine as I think of the shape hidden within.

Following the hard rock path, I hear music and laughter echoing through the warm breeze as I pass the small, crowded alleyways. The uneven pavement rubs against my shoes as I turn to my brother who is looking down at his snowy white shoes grazing the pavement.  The sound of his music softly exiting from his earbuds, the soft sounding music mixing in with the loud street atmosphere almost like an empty beach with the sound of birds chirping in the background. I take a glance at my mother on the left, she turns her head to face me then turns right back as if nothing happened.

As I continue the walk, I notice the palm trees and how they droop down to protect the creatures under it; the umbrella shaped trees trying  to repel the water droplets and birds trying to attack those hiding underneath. I brush my fingers against the tall palm tree as I feel the uneven coffee-colored bark that wraps around its steady body, its protective bark slowly peeling off as it makes its way under the tip of my fingernails. I glace at the speeding motor cycles, drifting and honking its roaring horns as it makes its way around the cars like a maze out in the open, the cars paying no attention to them whatsoever.

Whilst walking towards a tall shining streetlamp, my head suddenly fell silent, no sound, just thoughts. The power of my family’s protection suddenly hit me; my mother next to me protecting me from the cracked, unstable buildings; my brother on my right protecting me from the dangers of the unsafe road and my father behind, protecting me from the creeping shadows of strangers. In an instant, I snap out of the thought and glace and our final turn at the end of the street. We meet a stop at the lively restaurant I heard a while ago, the restaurant which was bursting out with music and laughter, where there were people of all types having the time of their life. We have reached our destination; the adventure has come to an end.

Ms. Shong – English Honours 9

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