Halloween Photoshop Assignment

What are some things that were challenging?

Through the process of photoshopping our Halloween photo, I found the process of deleting the background and trimming the sides very tedious when you have an intricate photo. For example, Lauren and I had the red ball caps on with yellow flags and to get the detailing around our hats without trimming off the flag was very difficult. Other than that the process didn’t take too long but for my first time it was a little tricky to figure out. Lastly, I do love the result and feel like if I had more experience with photoshop I would use this tool more often.

What are some things that worked well?

I found that if I zoomed in on my photo as much as possible I was able to use the quick selector tool better and more efficiently as well. The setup in the maker’s space with the green screen is super easy to use and the background is great for editing as it has a great contrast to our costumes/photos.

What did you learn? How can you apply this?

I learned how to use several of the tools available on the photoshop app as well as was able to learn how to green screen photos and edit them. I feel like this skill would be extremely helpful when doing projects. To add a flair of creativity, changing your photo’s background would be a simple step to increase the quality of your project. For example, in grade 10 I know we were assigned recreating propaganda posters from the 1930s and this tool would’ve helped me edit backgrounds and extra graphics onto our posters.