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What really happens to plastic when you throw it away? – Emma Bruce

When I saw this topic I was drawn in not only by the way it was demonstrated but by the topic; Journey of plastics, Where does it go? When the author explained how we don’t properly dispose of our plastics she diverted into explaining the outcome of when we don’t recycle and re-use. She showed us the path of plastic using a story; one bottle traveled through the ocean being eaten by animals causing sea life everywhere to suffocate. Once the fish have eaten the plastic we soon eat the fish then consuming the plastic. This was also one of the most surprising facts but plastic takes over 100 000 years to disintegrate into the earth and it never fully recycles into the earth. The third way was that it can be recycled properly and reused. The bottles and other recyclables become crushed and melted back into their micro plastics/particles to be reformed into an umbrella or a chair! Her description really conveys and proves how our choices to recycle do impact us considering the 5 large collections of plastic throughout the oceans. My main connection to Emma’s point is that I have spent almost two years with my family trying to diminish our use of garbage that cant be used and our family makes sure to reuse and recycle whenever we can.

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