Shadow Box 2017!!!

Shadow Box!!!

As our second project in Industrial design we created a Shadow box. Basically  we started with 4 pieces of wood that we cut in rabbit joints to create a box shape. We then added in all the precise measurements and divots to make it a functional shadow box. After the pieces were cut we clamped and glued the sides together to make a square/rectangle. Once they were glued and dry we sanded them down to a smooth surface and stained them in our preferred colour. While we let them dry, any free time was devoted to cutting the wood back board and the plastic slide in the front. For this project I gave it to my sister June for her 11th birthday, so it was suiting to engrave a balloon on the glass front. I also added a dance photo of us two a few years ago and wrote a small message which was glued to the back board. After creating this simple shadow box I was able to gift it to my little sister!!!

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