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• India
• It is very popular in Hong Kong
o Since my father is from Hong Kong, I have tried several different kind of mango puddings from many different restaurants. Restaurant name Choi dip geuy
• It is also served in other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau.
• Chinese restaurants make the mango pudding in fish shape to express good luck in Chinese culture.
• Little history about mango pudding.
o Around in 1950, Hong Kong imported several different canned products and were modernizing quickly. The most imported canned product was evaporated milk as a stable dairy source. As Hong Kong is in a subtropical climate, people wanted something that can chill them off. As Chinese people heard that there was some called mango pudding in India, they tried to replicate something similar. With lots of evaporated milk, gelatine, and mangoes that were from nearby, they were able to replicate it and it has been a huge success. Since then, many Dim-Sum restaurants in Hong Kong and Canada serve mango pudding as desert to enjoy.
Why I chose this dish
• Childhood memories
o When I was younger, my family and I visited a Chinese restaurant to eat dim sum every Saturday. Since I knew there is a delicious mango pudding served there, I would try to be on my best behaviour during the car ride and in the restaurant to be able to order that dish. Sometimes, my parents would not get me the pudding which made upset and ruin my whole day.
o Also, when I visited Hong Kong as 5 years old, I remember my grand parents ordering me 5 mango pudding because I kept eating them in one bite. They would laugh at me as they kept ordering.
o When I visited Hong Kong couple weeks ago, my grand parents remembered that I love mango pudding so they special order a big plate of mango pudding just for me.
• My favorite fruit
o Because of the mango pudding, I was adored with anything that was made with mango. I have bought mango chocolate, mango ice cream, mango sushi, mango cheese cake, mango candy, and so forth.
• Favorite type of desert
o Recent years, I have also started to enjoy different kind of pudding. The recent pudding, I have discovered is called matcha pudding. It is a Japanese green tea pudding which is great with shiro tama (made of rice) red beans and whip cream. However, I have used the same ingredient as the mango pudding but replace the mango with Japanese green tea.

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