Desmos Art Functions Card 2018 

During this desmos project, there were several problems and difficulties where I took several hours to find a solution. I had to go on YouTube for examples to create functions and it took me several hours and days to finish this project.

One of the most common problem was making each lines were connected to each other. On desmos, it will show you a white dot that explain the lines were attached. However, my lines were always 0.001 off or 0.001 too far. In addition, to make sure each picture look smooth and aligned was a huge difficultly as well. For the ‘S’ in Xmas, I had to find several methods to make sure the lines were touching and were smooth to look nice. I have tired to use trig functions, linear functions, however, they were not smooth or nice.

Next, shading the snowman’s scarf and my belt was very difficult. I was not a fan of shading because for the ones that need several domain and rage took me a while to figure out. For example, for the scarf, I had to take my time to make sure each function was correctly placed.

Lastly, creating bubble letters was also a big difficulty. Since it needs 2 different functions to look like bubble letters, it was very difficult and time consuming.

In conclusion, it was an entertaining project but also difficult by making points were aligned and nice, creating shading, and finishing up with the letters.

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