Week 16 – Applications of rational equations

This week, there was only 1 chapter that we have learned, and that isĀ Applications of rational equations .

There are many tricks in word problems.

Ex: Joe is able to drink a whole bottle of water in 5 days, but when Joe and Franc drink it together, they can finish in 2 days. How many days will it take Franc to finish the whole bottle.

In this word problem, you can see there are 2 person who are involved. 1 is Joe and the other is Franc.

First I recommend to have a map of what is going on.

Joe : 5 days

Franc: x days

Together: 2 days.

Next I will think as together as 1 because they are finishing 1 bottle in a certain amount of time. However, because they have finish in 2 together, Joe fraction will look like 2/5 and Franc fraction will look like 2/x

Now we have everything we need to finish the problem.





x=1/2 days

As a result, it will take 1/2 day to finish the whole bottle

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