Week 10- Math mid term

This week, since there is a mid term, we had time to review our preview units. There was several things that I have forgotten from previous units. As a result, I will now explain the things that I have forgot.

  1. What does D and R stand for for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence.
    1. D is for the difference between 2 numbers and R is the ratio between 2 numbers.
  2. How to find the discriminent.
    1. Using b^2-4ac we can find if there is a solution. If the solution is positive, there are 2 equations. If the soluton equals 0, there is only 1 solution. If the solution is negative, there are no solution.
  3. If there is no x-intercept what do you say. 0 or none
    1. On the unit test, I written down 0, however, the answer is non because the there is no intercept.
  4. Can there be a negative as a radicand.
    1. It is not a real number


From each unit, I have remembered the old thing that I have forgotten. Hopefully, now I can do better on the mid term!!!

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