November 15

TOKTW 2016

Name of host: Ilda Brazinha         Relationship to me: Mother

The Interview

  1. Regional Vice President Of BMO
  2. Leading a team of retail branches at Bank of Montreal
  3. I do coaching, recruiting, Audit, Customer Service and Sales

a) Training: I have taken numerous leadership courses,

b) Education: College, Canadian Securities, Branch Compliance.

c) Experience: 27 Years in financial services and Customer Service

d) Skills and Attributes: Strong Communication, Team Player, Good Work Ethic, Problem Solver.

5. I enjoy helping my team deliver on our goals of customer service and sales, I enjoy working in a team environment, and I enjoy developing employees to further develop there career.

6. I dislike sitting on a computer for more than 3 hours.

7. The job is already changing due to changes in the industry, competition and demographics of new hires.

Student Reflections

1 a) I would like this job because it gives me a chance to meet new people at the bank and become friends

b) I would enjoy this kind of work because i feel like i am a good people person and that i could communicate with clients easy

c) Its a long term career with opportunity to advance.

2 a)I would not enjoy sitting down in an office for a long time.

b) I would not enjoy the math that comes with the job like counting money

c) I would not enjoy sitting in front of a computer for so long doing the same work on it.

3. This job would not be for me because i would not be able to sit in front of a computer 24/7. Also because the job forces me to do a lot of math which is not quite my strong suit

4. This is beneficial because it shows us what certain jobs look like and helps you understand what your parents do for  a living. It also shows us how a work environment looks. It would help guide me on  what kinds of courses I take in the future.