March 8

One Minute One Take Movie


English 1 Minute 1 Take Movie

For our English 1 minute 1 take movie, we had “The Sniper” we displayed setting emotionally by the narration being a little bit darker, we didn’t use too many filters because I don’t think we needed too. We used a great location to film by displaying me at the top of the stairs portraying that I am on top of a building shooting down at the people. We showed characterization by “The Sniper” wearing dark clothes, and we used character relationships by dramatizing when “The Sniper” killed his brother. We used thoughts and feeling were portrayed in 3rd Person and the narrator described the feelings well. Our introduction was the sniper getting attacked by one soldier, our rising action was the sniper getting on top of the building and shooting down at the soldier and the lady in the car. The Climax was when the Sniper and the last soldier were shooting at each other, the falling action was when the sniper killed that last solider and our conclusion was when he found out it was his brother. The life lesson we had was don’t jump to conclusions and don’t rush to a final decision.


I was the narrator and the protagonist. What went well was actually our filming went really well and our narration was very well done. We could have portrayed more of a life lesson throughout the story. We communicated well in our group, none of us would make a rational decision without condoning the other people in the group and I think that is why we got so many good ideas.