September 25

Communication Timeline

Communication has evolved over time through advancements in technology. Communication started as talking, storytelling and pictographs but now there are endless ways to communicate. The invention of the telephone allowed people to communicate from a distance but even the evolution of the telephone has been enormous. What once was a device connected through wires to a wall, is now a wireless object small enough to fit in a pocket. Social media played a huge part in the evolution of communication; communicating with friends and family can now be done through voice or video calls across the world. Things like social media or sms messages are popular because its efficient and easy to function. According to the communication timeline, communication is evolving thick and fast but has not always evolved at a quick pace, only since the 1900s has inventions really started to come out very fast. The continuity of other inventions led the way for new and advanced ways of communicating. Communication is a critical part of daily life as it connects the world for work and leisure in a simple and efficient way. It’s hard to imagine a world where we didn’t have ways to communicate like we do now.

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