January 28

New Media Challenge

Can Trying Something You Hate REALLY make the World a Better Place?

Throughout the last few weeks, my New Media 1 1 class has been learning a lot about the single-story and stereotypes. The process has been an interesting one to learn and think about. As a class, we’ve watched and read a few articles and videos; such as The Danger of the Single Story and How to Stop Hating video. When reflecting on the videos and class discussions we’ve had in class, I’ve learned a lot about how stories can be an amazing tool, but when one person is telling it from their point of view, it can be very easy to create a “single story.” A single-story is when someone is unfairly stereotyped for something that is based off very narrow evidence of the person and the actions they make. In class, when we watched The Danger of the Single Story Ted Talk, the speaker, Adiche, was speaking about the single-story and one thing that really stuck with me is, “But stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of people.” This quote really stuck with me because I believe it shows the contrast in how stories can lift us up and power us and motivate us, but can also bring us down and if told my the wrong person or told in the wrong way, it can completely take away our feelings of value or worth in ourselves. The other video we watched in class was Michael Wesch’s video on how to stop hating. In this video, Wesch tries to do something he hates and attempts to love it, this for him, was country music. Wesch and his sister go out line dancing in order to get Wesch to try something he never does, he feels like “he’s stepping into his past”. One quote that I thought was interesting in Wesch’s How to Stop Hating video was, “Learning to love some musical genre you once hated is not going to solve the deep divides of our world, but its a start, love isn’t something that just happens to you, it something you do, its a practice and 3 Lessons From Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's “The Danger of a Single Story”you can get better at it.” This quote was interesting to me because I think it really shows that just trying something you don’t usually like can make a start on making the world a better place, which is what we’ve been talking about this whole time. Wesch is right, just trying something you don’t usually try is not going to solve our worlds problems but its one way to start, if we all did this, the world would be a better place. One of our assignments, we talked to someone in the class that we don’t usually talk to, in order to conduct a similar experiment that Wesch went through. I really enjoyed it, it gave me a way of talking to someone that I don’t usually talk to and learning about the similarities and differences we have. Moving past the single-story starts with you and I, single stories are a way negative way of stereotyping someone unfairly, if we all moved the past the single-story, accepted people for their likes and dislikes, the single-story wouldn’t be as apparent as it is today and I’m betting it makes our world a better place.



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