December 11

New Media – Blog Log Two

Black Lives Matter Protests 

The Black Lives Matter Protests

What drew me to this article was the headline. This article interests me because, throughout the year, these protests have appeared all over Canada and the US. Even Port Coquitlam has had their own protests to have their voice heard. another reason this article interested me is because I think kids my age are getting more and more involved in protesting where it’s online or actually protesting in the streets and I think that’s great. This article explains how it is great that we are all protesting and making our voice heard but French Crowds Rally in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter Protests - Varietywe also can’t stop now, we must keep protesting and keep showing that we want to make a difference. The article also talks about the negatives to the protests, for example, the looting and violence that’s come with it. I really like the writing because I think it is very well written and easy to write, not wordy and I feel like I can connect to the writer’s feelings about the protests and having our voices heard, I also like the writing because i like the language it uses as it is descriptive and detailed. What I took out of this article was just reassurance that as people, we need to keep fighting racism.



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