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Hunger Games Journal


Hunger Games Journal #18

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Hunger Games Journal Questions #14-15

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Journal 2

The Hunger Games: Journal Entry #2

Comprehension Questions:
Chapter 2
1. How does Katniss save Prim from the Reaping?
Katniss saves Prim by volunteering to take her place in the hunger game after Prim gets chosen.

2. How did Kat’s mother react to her husband’s death?
Katniss’ mother did not react well to her husband’s death. She would stay in her room and stopped working as hard. She was essentially lifeless

3. Describe Kat’s only previous encounter with Peeta Mellark.
Katniss’ only other previous encounter we when Peeta showed a random act of kindness by giving her 2 loafs of bread randomly even though they had never talked before, he did this knowing he would get in trouble.
4. Why was the crowds reaction to Prim being chosen
The crowd were not happy because since she was only 12 they thought it was unfair for her to fight for her life at such a young age
Critical Thinking Question:
Write in complete sentences and in paragraph form
Journal 2: In your own life, when was a time when you felt defeated? How did you regain your confidence? (Chapter 2)
One time I felt defeated was when in one season of soccer and we all had 0 confidence and really no belief in ourselves, the next season we worked harder than I have ever worked before and we regained our confidence and it didn’t go down throughout the season. We kept working really hard and kept practicing and we had lots of success that season.

Write a short flashback from your own life – when was a time someone did something really nice for you for no real reason? Why do you think they did it?
My friend Leon came up to me one day and asked me join his team, for no apparent reason, he gave me recommendation and told his coach about me and I asked Leon why he did this today and he said because “I want my team to gets better” “and so I could get better”

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