Rube Goldberg




Our Rube Goldberg Machine task is to trans port the dino eggs into the boat and get them off the island. What happens in our task is that Paratroopers(marble) land in through the roof of the building and go down the building and out and hit the domino, that hit the bell off the table, pulling the pulley. The pulley knocks the ping pong ball down the ramps and bouncing off the tape, going into the tube, then into the funnel, and knocking the golf ball into the pendulum net knocking the lacrosse ball off, knocking the tower down onto the get away car, the tower knocks the car down the ramp, then jumps onto the boat and escapes.

  • A: When the ball is dropped down the tube and the rolls out the half pipe it has kinetic as well es gravitational energy.
  • B: The ball rolls out the half pipe and hits a bunch of dominoes over which then knocks a ball off the side that has a bell. This has kinetic, gravitational, as well as sound energy.
  • C: The ball is connected to a lid so when the ball fell the lid went up hitting a ping pong ball. This has examples of gravitational, and kinetic energy.
  • D: The ping pong ball travels down the ramps and then bounces of some tape into a Soda bottle. You kind find examples of kinetic, gravitational, and elastic energy in this example.
  • E: The ping pong ball hits a golf ball that then falls on another ball knocking it over. There is kinetic, and gravitational energy here.
  • F: The ball that just fell swings down hitting over a bunch of jenga blocks bumping the car and hitting it down. There is examples of sound, kinetic, and gravitational energy.
  • G: As the car continues down it his more jenga blocks. There is sound, kinetic, and gravitational energy.
  • H: the car keeps going and jumps from one chair to¬† another with a box on it. In this example you can find kinetic, and gravitational energy.

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