Week 4 – Precalc 11

This week in precalc 11, we learned how to add and subtract radicals. The steps do to so are pretty easy. First, we simplify the radicals in the problem, and then we need to make sure the indices and the radicands is the same. If they are the same, you add or subtract the coefficients with the coefficients, and the radicands just stay the same.

Just remember though, if the radicands are not the same, you can’t add or subtract them together.

An example that helped me understand this was:

\sqrt {98} + \sqrt {50}\sqrt {18}

Simplify the terms:

\sqrt {2} + 5 \sqrt {2} – 3 \sqrt {2}

Add the coefficients together, and leave the same coefficient:

= 7 + 5 – 3 = 9 \sqrt {2}

All you have to remember is to always simplify the radicals, it will make your life way easier!

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