Desmos Art Functions Card 2019


This project was very time consuming and I spent a lot of time trying to make all my equations line up with each other so it looks presentable. I started out with making my letters for the card because it seemed easiest but took a lot more time than I thought it would. Most of the letters are made with constants and vertical lines and linear equations. My biggest difficulty was figuring out how to do my ‘s’. That was the most time consuming part for the letters trying to get different angles for the s shape but after many attempts, and FaceTime calls with a few friends, I got the right angles. After all my letters were done, I started my snowman!! The snowman was pretty easy for me to do because after using the circles for my s, I used them for the body of my snowman. The hardest part about the snowman was making his hat because I had to find different circle sizes that would match up with the hat. After my snowman I did my self portrait and the body and face was easy kind of but the hair is where I struggled the most. It was very hard for me to get my sin function to match up with my head and even when I did, I found it hard to make the function stretched so it would cover all sides of my head.  My Christmas tree and moon was pretty simple and I think they’re cute. I spent a lot of time trying to get precise domain restrictions and that took up a big part of my time as well. My biggest difficulty for this project was trying to get all the functions we covered so far. My plan was to make my Christmas card how I wanted and then at the end, go through my functions and make sure I have the 6 we needed. There was 3 functions I did not have so I had to find a way to include them without changing my card drastically. This project made me realize functions can actually be used in a fun way instead of just math homework in a classroom. The different functions helped me understand the shape of others better and what each function is more useful for me.