Astronomy Wonder Project

How can we use technology to travel into different galaxies?

Intergalactic travelling :  hypothetical manned or unmanned travel between galaxies.

Intergalactic travelling could be possible in the near future with the right technology created. There are many different possible theories as to how it could be possible but it could take millions of years to fully find the proper technology to achieve this. Since there isn’t a measurement for how big the universe is, it is impossible to travel the entire universe as it’s a constant matter. Because of the zero gravity in space, travelling at the speed of light seems impossible and it could take millions of years to develop the right technology to travel at a speed so fast to reach other galaxies in a human life. Even if we could travel at the speed of light, it could take thousands or millions of years to travel to another galaxy. The average distance of Mars from the earth is about 225 million km away and traveling at the speed of light takes about 12.5 minutes.

  • How our technology is developing

NASA is researching a new way to fuel a spaceship that could possibly travel our farther in our solar system. The research done on this has shown to go against the 3rd law of physics. Using the propulsion system (EmDrive), this uses bouncing microwaves in a closed container so it can generate thrusts.

  • How fast can humans travel in space?

So far, the fastest time for travelling in space is 39,897km an hour. This is from NASA’s Apollo 10 space mission, going around the moon in 1969. Its been almost half a century since this mission and scientists and mechanics haven’t developed a spacecraft that makes it safe enough to go faster.



Some questions I thought of while searching this is:

If our technology hasn’t developed a faster speed since 1969, will it ever change? 

Will it ever be possible to travel at the speed of light?

If the propulsion system works, what other laws of physics can we defy? 

NASA is working on a super-fast spaceship technology that defies the laws of physics

DNA Model

The structure of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is made up of a long sequence of molecular components that makes a chain that resembles a twisted ladder. This chain has 4 different bases, (T) Thymine,(A)  Adenine, (C) Cytosine and (G) Guanine and put together makes instructions for making a living organism. The bases T & A always go together and C & G go together. All living things have DNA molecules inside. These sequences decide what typer of physical characteristics you develop and DNA is passed down from you parents and grandparents.