Blog Log #1 – The Power of Story

How Stories Can Change Your Perspective I love the thrill of reading and getting transported to a different world, so when I saw the title of this essay, “The Power of Story”, I knew that it would be of great interest to me. Nathan Alling Long did an amazing job of keeping me engaged the […]

Podcast 3 : Les Nouvelles P & M

La description de l’emission 3: C’est presque la nouvelle année, alors joindre nous pour voir qu’est que va venir dans cette proche année. Nous allons parler des films qui venir, les nouvelles technologies, et le Noël. Aussi, si tu aimes nos podcast dans le passe, va écouter cette une maintenant. C’est dix fois mieux.

Everything I know about exponents

Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Exponents: Represent repeated multiplication with exponents:  The first step to represent a repeated multiplication with powers is to count how many time the number is multiply by it self. My example for this step is 17 x 17 x 17 x 17, you can count how many times 17 is times […]