Career Day

This blog post is relating to the bring your kid to work in November, where I got the chance to visit and spend a day at someone work. Name of your host: Nicole Bourbonnais (Clarke) Relation to me: Mother Interview: What is your job title? – Librarian at an elementary school level What is your job […]

Different types of income

The different types of income are an hourly wage where the person working gets paid each hour for a certain amount of money. When someone gets paid commission is paid by the percentage of the amount of stuff they sell or people they get to buy. If you are getting paid in piecework it means […]

Everything I know about exponents

Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Exponents: Represent repeated multiplication with exponents:  The first step to represent a repeated multiplication with powers is to count how many time the number is multiply by it self. My example for this step is 17 x 17 x 17 x 17, you can count how many times 17 is times […]

Digital Footprint

A Digital Footprint How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? It could have a positive impact on future opportunities when you have an appropriate footprint My example is getting the job because of what you posted; community service you did, a cool school project, or something that you are proud of. Your posts […]