Inquiry Poem

Self-Made Bubbles Fog blocking and hazing over the happenings on the outside, we are barricaded and blind from being in our own higher worlds, with no ways for us to hear pass the harsh winds, that are quickly chewing them apart, They are stuck in what is bubble gum, unable to imagine a future as […]

Blog Log #3 – Walking With Trees

The security of a forest As I was going through several themes looking for an essay that would peak my interest, I found this essay about the way a forest could make this author feel safe. I think the initial reason that I wanted to write a blog log for this essay is that Pamela […]

Blog Log #1 – The Power of Story

How Stories Can Change Your Perspective I love the thrill of reading and getting transported to a different world, so when I saw the title of this essay, “The Power of Story”, I knew that it would be of great interest to me. Nathan Alling Long did an amazing job of keeping me engaged the […]