Inquiry Poem

Self-Made Bubbles Fog blocking and hazing over the happenings on the outside, we are barricaded and blind from being in our own higher worlds, with no ways for us to hear pass the harsh winds, that are quickly chewing them apart, They are stuck in what is bubble gum, unable to imagine a future as […]

Career Day

This blog post is relating to the bring your kid to work in November, where I got the chance to visit and spend a day at someone work. Name of your host: Nicole Bourbonnais (Clarke) Relation to me: Mother Interview: What is your job title? – Librarian at an elementary school level What is your job […]

Les Questions – Olivia et Mackenzie

Les responses courtes Meghan et Mackenzie prennent un avion à quelle ville? Quel titre est-ce que Meghan a reçu quand elle a épousé Harry? Pourquoi est-ce que Meghan a quitté la famille royale? Qu’est-ce que Mackenzie espere que ne va pas passer avec l’avion? Vrai ou faux Aucune chose s’est passée avec le mariage de […]

Different types of income

The different types of income are an hourly wage where the person working gets paid each hour for a certain amount of money. When someone gets paid commission is paid by the percentage of the amount of stuff they sell or people they get to buy. If you are getting paid in piecework it means […]

Blog Log #3 – Walking With Trees

The security of a forest As I was going through several themes looking for an essay that would peak my interest, I found this essay about the way a forest could make this author feel safe. I think the initial reason that I wanted to write a blog log for this essay is that Pamela […]

The Life of a Cell

The Story of the Cell: Hello! Erythrocytes here, however, my friends call me red blood cell. Considering that I am and come from a family of cellular segments of blood. As a small, round and biconcave cell, my mother tells me that I am the perfect form for my type of cell. On the playground, […]