Tech Team Divi Review

1) What are its strengths? Things you found useful.

When it comes to adding photos and videos into your blog, I believe that it makes it 100 times earlier to place the images where you want with less of a hassle. Before I have used the Divi builder, it was impossible for me to place pictures/videos with text being on its side. Another of the strengths is the amount of custom ability of the builder. There are tons of colours to choose from and different ways to make your blog look completely new compared to someone who didn’t use Divi builder. It allows the student to be super creative with the format and design process of the blog post or page. I had a lot of fun playing around with the many ideas and formats. A cool feature that it has is the pre-layouts that someone is able to use and customize for their own blog. I didn’t use the feature as I want to explore the program on my own, however, they would be quite helpful for people starting out on using the program or people in a rush.

2) What are the weaknesses? Things you found could be improved.

A huge weakness for me about the program is that you can’t see what you are doing visual. So every time that I changed something in my draft, I would upload it so that I could see what I did in the program. It could be improved by having a visual way to see what you were doing in real-time. I think that way some of the confusion of what some of the features do could be solved. Another thing, I had a hard time with was that there were so many ways to change your post that it got confusing to know what did what and how to make it look like what is in your head.

3) How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

I think this plugin is a great way to allow the students who are more creative with their work to express that throughout their blogs. It is a lot of fun to change up the way you do your blog posts and customize your work. However, I think that most students would need more detail instructions on how DiVi builder works. As I still don’t understand everything about the plugin and sometimes find it hard to figure out the plugin. Without lots of class time to explore the plugin by themselves, I think it would be very hard to have a good understanding of the program and how to use it.

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