Inquiry Poem

Self-Made Bubbles

Fog blocking and hazing over the happenings on the outside,
we are barricaded and blind from being in our own higher worlds,
with no ways for us to hear pass the harsh winds,
that are quickly chewing them apart,
They are stuck in what is bubble gum, unable to imagine a future
as this is the place where we need to restart.

We are trapped in our self-made glass bubbles,
Safe, are we?
Yes, but with us being oblivious when having our heads curled to the ground,
The fact is that these bubbles are keeping us spellbound,
From realizing this organized chaos.
Chaos of people treating their fellows in such an inhumane way,
This treatment has had its overstay

In the naked light, we can see ten thousand people, maybe more
Drained to the core by this war of oppression, we had ignored
For way too long, its crazy how much we are in the wrong,
Still we are hypnotized by this cheery and strong birdsong,
We sing together to belong,
This is the future, let’s come along,
Please…unfreeze and break from our individual glass bubble
And escape these horrible toxins and overcome the rubble.


Mackenzie Clarke’s “Self-Made Bubbles is a free verse poem that touches on the theme of how there is oppression that still happening in this current age, but our society chooses to have a blind eye to this fact and ignore it when they see it. Her poem explores and goes into the inquiry question of “What motivates us in the face of despair and oppression?” but when addressing we could have the motivation but not also the drive or want to fix the problems of our society. The phrase, “This treatment has had its overstay” is an example of personification where she expresses her belief that we need to find the will to change and stop the oppression from happening. The use of the allusion “unable to imagine a future” hints on how it is hard for the people who are being oppressed to think or have the hope that a time where they won’t be a target of oppression. The symbolic title of “Self-Made Bubbles” shows that it not only society shielding us from the seeing information, however, we also put up figurative walls to be oblivious a not see the full story of what is happening. There is a line in the poem talking about a hypnotizing birdsong, this part contradicts as birdsongs are usually perceived as cheerful and happy things. However, the author is referring to how society sometimes masks the bad with a distraction and if we try to look pass it, it is going against the norm or society.

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  1. Well done Mackenzie – I enjoyed your poem and the theme you explored. The rationale is well-written. Enjoy your summer.

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