Different types of income

The different types of income are an hourly wage where the person working gets paid each hour for a certain amount of money. When someone gets paid commission is paid by the percentage of the amount of stuff they sell or people they get to buy. If you are getting paid in piecework it means that you get paid by an amount of money for each thing you make and produced in a day. Salary is when you get paid in a sum amount of money either each week, month, or year.

Hourly wage: Nurses get paid at an hourly rate, for the time that they work each day. Electricians also get paid at an hourly rate, so do machinists as well.

Commission: People who work in selling cars usually get paid by the percentage of how many cars they sell. Also, real estate sales agents get the majority of their pay from a commission, other people in sales sometimes will as well get paid by a commission of the stuff they sold.

Piecework: Someone who works in a clothing factory and they get paid a certain amount per time they make a piece of clothing. A worker in a field who gets paid each time they pick one blueberry. Another factory worker who gets paid each time they make a toy.

Salary: Teachers are a job that gets paid a salary, also lawyers get paid by salary. Accountants are another job that gets paid a salary.

I think that I would like to get paid a salary or hourly wage. I think salary is good as it is a set amount of money each time I get paid. As for hourly wage, then I have the chance to work more time and get paid by the time I put into the job.

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