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Hi, I am Mackenzie Clarke, and this is my blog! I am currently in my third year at Riverside Secondary and I am in French immersion and in the science coop program at our school. Some of my interests are reading, soccer, field hockey, and coding. This blog is a documentation of my growth over the four years, I spend at high school.

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet”

- Jhumpa Lahiri

Ever since I could remember, I have loved reading and books. There was this sense of rush that I receive when I read. I am very lucky to have been able to travel at my age, however with a book I am able to explore both the real and fictional worlds by just looking at words. In books, there are so many different possibilities and new perspectives. It is an escape root for me to allow me to stop stressing. I think that this quote is really eye-opening to a whole new world of novels.

A Video that has Impact Me: 

We get one Earth and that is it. The climate movement has shown me that the saying “every little thing makes a difference” and that it is possible to have many people with the same goal gather together to demand change and make it too. Earlier this school year, I attended one of the climate marches, it is one experience that I will never forget. I still get shivers thinking about the event, the number of people there using their voices makes the individual feel heard and powerful.


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